Images From the Marquis Theater 03-12-2024

Images from the Marquis Theater in Denver Colorado with The Drawn Out, and the Snuts. Images courtesy of Casey Serano @caseyjack

Grave Clothes EP Released

The Drawn Out

The Drawn Out is proud to announce the release of their EP: Grave Clothes. The EP comes on the heels of an epic 5 month long single release schedule. The EP features: Bloodsong, Eli (Closest Friend), Be Quiet When You’re Coming Home, Forgiveness, and Grave Clothes.

The EP can be found on Spotify and Apple Music.

Images From The Black Sheep October 24th 2023

Images from the Black Sheep show in Colorado Springs with The Drawn Out, Years Down, Strug Short, and Youth Fountain. Images courtesy of Morgan Elizabeth.

Images From Marquis Theatre August 11th 2023

Images from the Marquis Theatre show with The Drawn Out, My Body Sings Electric, and Spitifield. Images courtesy of Casey Serrano.